Facts surrounding the fake Apollo Moon missions

FACT: Armstrong had a sea burial because a burial at Arlington Cemetry would mean the words "First Man on the Moon" engraved on his stone, and neither Armstrong, or NASA, wanted that knowing that the whole saga would soon be exposed once all the other Apollo astronats had passed away. Can you see the logic in it?
FACT: The Artemis Moon mission in late 2022 took 600 hours to complete the return journey, whereas Apollo 13 54 years before, took only 143 hours to complete the exact same journey. This is despite the fact that the Artemis rocket was far more powerful than the Saturn V used for Apollo 13. NASA are therefore going backwards in technology instead of forward.
FACT: The train that collided with Thomas Baron's car, killing both him and his family, was a NASA train, from a NASA marshalling yard. Coincidence?
FACT: NASA's failure to return to the Moon in 2015, meant the year was put forward to 2020. They failed to return in 2020, so have set a date for 2024. Now watch 2024 come and go with no return visit. This must be the tenth time that NASA fixed a  year to return, only for that year to come and go with no return visit. The reason they cannot return is because they never went there over 55 years ago. You cannot return to a place you have never visited.
FACT: Pro Apollo Nutters persistently state there are no scientists in the world who refute the Apollo Moon landings. That is complete and utter balderdash, (which is to be expected of PANs), because there are more scientists who support the hoax theory, than those who refute it. To start off with here is a list of scientists who support the Moon landing as being genuine. Prof. Michael Brant Shermer, American. Prof. Steven I. Dutch, American. Prof. Brian Cox, British. Prof. Harald Lesch, German. A grand total of 4.
Now here is a list of scientists who support the Moon landing as a hoax. Prof. Lawrence S. Pinsky, American. Prof. James M. McCanney, American. Prof. Luke Sargent, American. Prof. André Balogh, British. Prof. Colin Rourke, British. Prof. Krassimir Ivanov Ivandjiiski, Russian. Prof. Takahiko Soejima, Japanese. Prof. Li Zifeng, Chinese. Prof. Federico Martín Maglio, Argentinean. That makes a grand total of 9. So the Moon hoax supporters are out in front on 69% with Moon landing supporters way behind on 31%.
FACT: The current Airfix plastic kit model of the Saturn V rocket, has no mention whatsoever on the box that Apollo went to the Moon, in fact the word "Moon" does not appear anywhere on the box. It merely states that the Saturn V launched the Apollo capsule into space, (low earth orbit, which is correct). Evidently Airfix realise that Apollo did not go to the Moon, otherwise there would be a reference to it somewhere on the box containing model. NASA lies is as plastic as the Airfix Saturn model.
FACT: Knight Newspapers, (one of the two groups that later merged to form Knight-Ridder Inc.) polled 1,721 US residents one year after the first (fake) Moon landing. It found that more than 30% of respondents were suspicious of NASA's trips to the Moon.  Author: So what is the percentage some 54 years later?
FACT: The fake Apollo videos and still footage photos show a very dry dusty surface many inches deep. If there is no wind on the Moon, (apart from the wind which constantly blew the flag), then why is there no dust on top of the rocks and boulders? There should be if there is no wind to blow away the dust.
FACT: Despite numerous videos being taken on the alleged 17th mission, (fake of course), not one of those movies show Schmitt at "Tracy's Rock", and yet the still photo is the most popular of the whole mission. Did Cernan decide not to use the movie camera at "Tracy's Rock", or is this yet another NASA blunder they overlooked. Yes you've guessed right, it's the latter.
FACT: Despite numerous videos being taken on the Moon's surface, not one of them contains any frames showing planet Earth in the void of space. I would think that is a very poor planning on the part of the astronauts, although we already know why.
FACT: Neil Armstrong suffered with mental illness in his later years. A direct result of him putting his name forward as the foundation stone for the biggest lie in history. OR it could be that he became paranoid by the overwhelming number of websites, exposing him as a liar.
FACT: Rumor has it that Apollo 12 astronaut Pete Conrad was going public about the fake Moon landings on the 30th anniversary back in July 1999. He was killed in a motorcycle accident one week before the 30th anniversary.
FACT: It takes the space shuttle 66 hours to reach the International Space Station which is a mere 200 miles above Earth. NASA claim Apollo 13 was 55 hours from lift off, when it encountered a problem at a distance of 200,000 miles from Earth.
FACT: In 1998, after looking at the NASASCAM website, world celebrity Uri Geller said that NASA's Apollo Moon pictures have been crudely faked, and asks WHY? Uri however, is friendly with Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell, so we may ask WHY does he not ask Mitchell himself why the pictures were faked?
FACT: President Lyndon Johnson made certain Apollo files classified, with a declassification date of 2026. This is so those involved in the Apollo scam would be long dead and gone, and no one alive to blame. One need not wait 2 years for the truth behind Apollo, as the truth is already well known. This declassification will not happen if any astronauts are still alive.
FACT: In the early 60s NASA/CIA officials, realising that a manned Moon landing was totally impossible before 1970, met in secret behind closed doors. It was at that meeting they agreed upon a decision to fake Apollo 11, in the hope they would get to the Moon later on, and then substitute the earlier faked pictures with genuine Moon pictures. The reality is they never succeeded with any mission.
FACT: Arthur C. Clarke referred to Apollo 11 as 'A Hole in History'. Historian A.J.P. Taylor referred to it as 'The biggest non event of his lifetime'.
FACT: NASA had not perfected the lunar landing craft in time for Apollo 11. In 2024 they are still trying to get a rocket to land and take off again, 55 years after Apollo 11 was supposed to have done just that.
FACT: Film footage taken inside the capsule of ALL Apollo missions, shows a light blue haze, and curvature of Earth through capsule window, when they were supposedly half way to the Moon, and in the blackness of space. This proves that capsule was only in Earth orbit.
FACT: Moon pictures on NASA's websites are fake, with backdrop scenes pasted. The pictures reveal a black line penciled in where background meets daylight sky, which was blacked out completely.
FACT: The LM used on latter missions, was the same spec as the first mission, ie, no modifications. It would have therefore been impossible to carry the rover vehicle to the Moon in the same LM, even if it collapsed into a more compact form.
Each time someone brings up a query NASA correct it and say nothing, ie, they cannot say why the anomaly was there in the first place. Anyway I have pictures of the rover supposedly on the Moon and it has the same tires and tire valves as the one they used at KSC. In other words it is the same one. Early close up pictures of the rover on Internet have changed since the blunder was exposed on this website.
FACT: It would have been impossible to have a water cooled space suit on the Moon, when outside temperature was already at boiling point of water, there would be nowhere for the heat to dissipate.
FACT: The LM was suspended from a huge traverse crane based at Langley Research Center, Hampton, Virginia, and was gently lowered at the same time it traversed over a mock Moon surface created beneath it. Check picture on APOLLO REALITY site, and Channel 4 video 'As it Happened'.
FACT: Trainee astronauts were also suspended from this huge traverse crane in a horizontal position to simulate reduced gravity. Check picture on APOLLO REALITY site with the NASA website picture of Harrison Schmitt tripping up. The ununsual high, backward leg swing, is identical in both pictures.
FACT: Film footage allegedly taken by Apollo 8 as it supposedly circled the Moon, is the same film used for the Apollo 11 mission, except that film is reversed and run backwards, look for "tadpole like" mountain range. What NASA did was to film the mock lunar surface at LRC, traveling in one direction, then reverse camera, and film surface traveling in opposite direction, as shown in videos.
FACT: Film footage showing Apollo missions allegedly circling the Moon, was taken by a rail mounted camera which slowly moved toward a rotating plaster paris model of the Moon.
FACT: James Lovell was reading from a pre written script in the simulator when he did the voice over for the Apollo 8 film, and described the Moon as being "Essentially gray, no color, looks like plaster of paris". It was indeed plaster of paris he was referring to, hence the snigger in his voice, and smirk on face of Michael Collins after his remark.
FACT: Anyone who believes the Moon landings, after all the evidence of fakery, must be "essentially green".
FACT: Michael J. Tuttle who composed the fake Moon pictures, used mountain background scenes from the astronaut training sessions in differing places, to paste on the genuine simulation pictures. He also digitally composed the 360 degree panoramic shots of fake Moon landing sites for use by NASA. His URL speaks for itself. The majority of NASA's fake Moon landing pictures were taken/composed in the mid 90s, and not in the late 60s as many are led to believe.

This was because suspicion was aroused at the time regarding the limited number of photos available. NASA had to do something rapidly because of the onset of the Internet. Problem is they faked too many photographs, which did not fit in with the time frame spent on Moon. Further info can be found on the
APOLLO FAKE website.
FACT: The Saturn V rocket had shed 97% of its weight upon reaching Earth orbit. The remaining 3% was the space capsule placed in Earth orbit.
FACT: Earth is 250,000 miles from the Moon, yet reflected sunlight from surface is strong enough to illuminate darkness here on planet Earth. Anyone hovering above surface of Moon would be blinded by the high intensity light reflected back.
FACT: In the mid 60s, Alan Shepard was removed from all space missions due to vertigo and Ménière's disease. No one in such a poor state of health would be assigned to such a dangerous and complex mission in space. He was not even on the Apollo 14 mission, which in itself was only in Earth orbit.
FACT: Alleged Moon rock is basalt rock found here on Earth, (or, as the Dutch found out, petrified wood). NASA were manufacturing simulated Moon rock over 3 years before Apollo 11. If it is genuine Moon rock, then it was brought back by a scoop and return probe, and not astronauts.
FACT: The monitored radio/data signals were either pre recorded, transmitted from Earth and reflected back by bouncing the signal off the Moon, or were transmitted via a leased channel. If such a valuable source of monitoring equipment was left on Moon, then it would be in use today, and not shut down in the 70s.
FACT: In a TV interview with journalist Sheena McDonald back in 1994, the NASA Administrator, Dan Goldin, (alias Dan Dare), openly admitted that mankind cannot venture beyond Earth orbit, until they can overcome the dangers of cosmic radiation. He managed to say this without any mention of the Apollo missions 26 years before, which supposedly went 250,000 miles outside Earth orbit.
FACT: Neil Armstrong had no mementos or photographs whatsoever from his alleged Moon mission, however he had plenty from his test pilot days. There are no photographs of Armstrong supposedly on the Moon, because Armstrong, knowing the saga was fake, refused NASA permission.
FACT: In 1969 computer chips had not been invented. The maximum computer memory was 256k, and this was housed in a large air conditioned building. In 2023 a computer requires at least 64 Mb of memory to run a simulated Moon landing, and that does not include the memory required to take off again once landed. The Apollo 11 computer had 32k memory.
FACT: When Apollo astronauts were not in space, they were manning mission control communication for other Apollo missions, this was to limit the number of persons in the know. There were in fact two communication links to every Apollo mission. First was launch control who dealt with communication at lift off, and re entry, however once in Earth orbit communication was handed over to the limited few astronauts manning mission control.

Check it yourself on film coverage released at the time. Collins, Duke, Aldrin, Young, Borman, Armstrong, Lovell, Shepard, Schmitt, Cernan etc, are all there on various missions. Lovell himself admitted that there were two communication links to the astronauts.
FACT: It would have been impossible for the astronauts to get from the Lunar Module to the conical space capsule, (CM), as shown in drawings, as this section was occupied by 3 large re entry parachutes, which ejected from the conical end.
FACT: In 2024 NASA does not have the technology to land a man on the Moon, and return him safely. It may be possible in the future, but such a feat is still many, many years away.
FACT: Buzz Aldrin believes he has suffered brain damage as a result of his trip to the Moon. He knows darned well that he never went anywhere near the Moon, and so could not have suffered brain damage in the way he alleges. Aldrin was the only Apollo astronaut who went public, and talked about the Moon landings during the 70s and 80s. The guilt, remorse, and stumbling over awkward questions put to him by the media, have put an intolerable strain on him.

His psychological damage is the result of keeping it bottled up for 55 years, instead of getting it off his mind. In Aldrin's book 'Return to Earth', he states that all 6 of them have been made to look fools. Make of this what you will.
FACT: Deadly radiation in space beyond the magnetosphere, makes human space travel impossible. Scientists have not yet found a way to protect astronauts from this deadly radiation.
Debunking of the stupid evidence dished out by PANs

Question: What about Moon rock brought back by astronauts, it's proof the landings took place?
Answer: No it's not, and this is one of the most common so called proofs, used by NASA and PANs, but proves nothing. NASA were manufacturing simulated Moon rock, long before the Apollo missions, this is proven in an abstract published in 1966, 3 years before Apollo 11, (see picture on right).
This simulated Moon rock is reconstructed from basalt, and meteorite samples found in Antarctica. It is this simulated Moon rock that is dispatched to universities around the globe as being the real thing. Simulated Moon rocks are, of course, totally different to any rocks found on Earth, and were meant to be that way.
NASA have therefore shot themselves in the foot with the picture shown right, which was taken in the mid 1960s, long before the fake landing.
Question: If NASA faked the Moon missions, why fake nine, when they only needed to fake it once?
If NASA had just done one (fake) Moon landing, it certainly would have looked suspicious. NASA needed to convince the media that they could get to the Moon and back no problem, and so faked another eight Moon missions, with different astronauts on each mission to achieve their goal. Another reason is because if NASA had faked just one mission, they realised that if the lie ever became exposed, (which it has), then all the shame and guilt would have rested solely on Armstrong and Aldrin. By involving more astronauts in the deceit, it enabled those astronauts to share the guilt more evenly.
Incidentally many already accuse Armstrong and Aldrin of lies and deceit, yet they were not the first to scam the media. There were six others before them. The first astronauts to deceive the public were Borman, Lovell and Anders in Apollo 8, followed by Cernan, Young and Stafford in Apollo 10. None of these missions went anywhere near the Moon as they describe. Apollo 9 was in Earth orbit, and its a pity that NASA don't own up to the fact that all other Apollo missions were only in Earth orbit.
Question: Why don't they point the Hubble telescope at Moon to view the artifacts left behind?
Hubble is owned and operated by NASA, the ones responsible for faking in the first place, so there is no chance there. In order to cover up for NASA, their paid informers, (PANs like Phil Plait and Jay Windley), claim that Hubble cannot resolve down to view the landing sites, but how much resolution do they need?

Hubble will in fact resolve down to 50 meters on the Moon's surface, which is more than enough to view the artefact's supposedly left behind. NASA do in fact have very high resolution pictures of the Moon, but do not inform the media because the first thing people would ask to see, is the artefact's left behind from Apollo, and, as to be expected, there is nothing there.
Question: What about the hammer and feather experiment, how could they achieve that in Earth's gravity?
This is another ridiculous claim made by PANs, but again, proves nothing. The film is shot in poor lighting, as well as being a very poor quality black and white fuzzy film, and as the experiment is performed so far away from the camera, it can easily be fabricated. If you examine the footage carefully, you will see the fine wire, (possibly thin nylon fishing line), recoil back, so this proves the object was lowered by line. I would like to point out that magicians like David Copperfield have performed far greater feats, (optical illusions), within a few feet of a live audience.
One of his stunts involved himself being cut in half by a rotating saw blade, then the two sections of his body were moved to opposite ends of the stage. If PANs believe the hammer and feather experiment was real, do they also believe that David Copperfield was sliced in two by a rotating saw blade?
Question: Why do astronomers Sir Bernard Lovell and Sir Patrick Moore support the Moon landings if they were faked?
Scientists and astronomers around the globe know full well that the Moon missions were faked, but rely on NASA to gain access to the vital data beamed back to Earth from satellites in outer space. They cannot slag off NASA otherwise NASA would deprive them of this essential information, which they so much require.
Question: What about laser reflector left on Moon by astronauts, which they use to calculate Moon's distance from Earth?
In 1946 scientists in the USA managed to bounce a radio signal off the Moon's surface, and were able to calculate the precise distance of the Moon by the reflected radio signal. In the early 1960s, the scientists realised they could perform the experiment more efficiently, and accurately by using a high powered pulsed laser beam. In this scenario the laser beam is reflected back to Earth in the same way as Sunlight is reflected off the Moon's surface towards Earth.
On May 9 1962, (over 7 years before Apollo 11 was supposed to have landed on the Moon), a high powered pulsed ruby laser was successfully aimed at the Moon, and reflected back off the Moon's surface to provide an accurate measurement of the precise distance from Earth to Moon, without any reflector being on the Moon's surface.
There is no laser reflector on the Moon, and never has been. NASA are using the same method today as what they were using back in 1962, albeit with a much more powerful laser. Incidentally NASA plan to use an even higher power laser on Mars to calculate distance. Have astronauts placed a reflector on Mars to bounce the beam back?
Question: Why did the USA fake the Moon landings, was it to "get one up" on the then Soviet Union?
No they weren't done to fool the Russians, does anyone believe the Russians would be so stupid to fall for a con like that? Russia were far more advanced than the USA in space technology back then, and still are today. They knew at the time of Kennedy's speech that it was impossible for manned space travel to the Moon and back. Incidentally the day after the fake Apollo 11 Moon landing, NASA administrator, Thomas Paine, was heard telling Intelligence Officer Bob Seaman's that China were saying that US faked the mission by bouncing radio communication signals off the Moon. If the Chinese, (who were not into space technology in 1969), knew the landing was fake, don't you think that Russia would know also?
NASA were under orders from the CIA to fake the Moon landings as a propaganda tool for the US government. The Apollo farce was an extension of the MKULTRA mind control experiments in the 50s and 60s. This is proven by naming the program “Project Apollo”. Further info on this can be found on the APOLLO TRUTH page.
The landings were faked purely and simply to instil pride in US citizens, and convince Western civilisation that the USA were better in space technology than the Soviet Union, when in reality they were way behind the Soviets. Because of this, the Western media had totally lost faith in their government, and the USA could not be seen as the 'weaker link' at such a crucial period in time. There was no Space Race as claimed by NASA, who incidentally coined the phase. Russia had no intention whatsoever of sending men to the Moon because they knew it was impossible.
Question: Was Richard Nixon behind the fake Moon landings?
Although Nixon was president at the time of the Apollo 11 mission, he was not directly responsible, even though he knew, or should have known, they were fake. The planning and preparation into faking the Moon missions began way back in the early 60s, and hence Lyndon B Johnson was the president with the most inside knowledge of the Project Apollo program. That's why LBJ classified many Apollo documents until 2026.
Question: What about the vast number of people involved in Apollo, wouldn't someone have spoken out?
Pans claim there were half a million people involved in the Apollo program, but that includes all the humble engineers working on machine parts in many companies around the globe. So if someone is making a part in some engineering factory in Seattle, and his boss tells him it is for the Apollo spacecraft, is that engineer proof the landings took place? No of course it's not proof, and even if that engineer knew they never made it to the Moon, he would still brag to his friends that he made a part that went to the Moon just to make him feel proud in some way or other.
Parts for the Apollo program were made at many different factories around the globe. For example the laser reflector supposedly left on the Moon, was manufactured in France. NASA collected the unit from the French company, and that was the last they saw of it. It's probably stashed away in some archive at Langley, but one thing's for certain it's not on the Moon. Are those French engineers proof they landed on the Moon? No of course not. Remember Apollo was compartmentalised like the Manhattan Project, whereby only a limited few on the program would know the final outcome.
There were probably less than 200 people, involved in bringing the whole lot together, so as to minimise what was actually taking place. No need for any of them to speak out because (A) They are 100% patriotic to the USA, and would say nothing that would go against America, even if it were true. (B) They do not need millions of dollars to safeguard their future, as they have already received substantial amounts from NASA just to 'keep mum'. You can read comments from people who worked on the Apollo program in the APOLLO FEEDBACK section. They all dispute that the landings ever happened.
Question: Why didn't Russia cry foul over the fake Moon missions?
Yet another tactic used by PANs that the landings were genuine. However they are basing this fact on how Russia poked fun at failures within the USA space industry in the early 60s, during the Kennedy/Kruschev period. Kruschev was always poking fun at their failures, and referred to Alan Shepard's 15 minute space flight as a mere 'flea jump' to what they (Russia) had done. However when Kruschev stepped down in 1964, the new Soviet leader, Brezhnev, never poked fun at the USA, and Russia just got on with their own business.
What most people don't know however is that the Moon landing was portrayed as being fake in both Russian newspapers, and many other newspapers around the globe at the time, however all of these stories were suppressed from the Western media. Remember Russia was a very secretive country back in 1969. Russia could have blabbed to the world that the Moon landings were fake, and probably would have done if Kruschev were in power, however Western countries would simply say they were jealous because the USA had beaten them to it. Russia however had a far better plan in mind, and in order to understand how it would work, one needs to understand the way in which Communist ideology worked back in the 1960s.
At that time the Soviet Union assumed Communism would go on forever, and they never anticipated that it would collapse 20 years later, after all it had been going for over 50 years. Their answer to NASA's fake Moon missions was to sit back and say nothing, safe in the knowledge that in the not to distant future, Western civilisation would eventually "wake up", (although PANs appear to remain in a deep coma), and discover that their government had lied to them on a grand scale. This would then turn many people against the US government as they, (the Western media), would feel cheated, made to look fools, and would no longer be able to trust them.
This is exactly what the then Soviet Union expected to happen, ie, for Westerner's to turn against an authority, that they could no longer trust. If Russia were still a Communist state, its leaders would be laughing their socks off now at the way the US government was being slagged off by its own citizens. You only have to look at comments on the APOLLO FEEDBACK pages to realise just how many are turning against the US government for spreading propaganda lies.
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